Laboratory Tests Involved In The Diagnosis Of ALS

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Which laboratory tests are necessary to diagnose ALS?

Laboratory Tests Involved In The Diagnosis Of ALS

After the neurological examination, there will be another set of tests. These laboratory tests are necessary to confirm a positive diagnosis, and rule out a differential diagnosis.

The laboratory tests to follow include blood tests, Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electromyography, and other tests if you present with rare symptoms.



11/23/2008 7:03:42 AM
Jana said:

The Blood Test area and the Laboratory Tests area overlap. In essence, and MRI is not really a laboratory test, nor is and EMG. A CSF test is not done in a lab, but the blood is sent to the lab. Blood tests are usually drawn in a lab, but, if you're in the hospital, they are drawn in your room. Just wanted to help you tidy up these sections. Maybe you could have one section called "Tests", or something like that.

Good work!


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