Other Names For ALS

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Is ALS known as any other names?

Other Names For ALS

Depending in which part of the world someone is located, ALS is known by various other names. In some parts of Europe, it is referred to as Charcot's disease after the physician who first wrote detailed notes about it. In the United Kingdom, a physician might say you have motor neuron disease. (Even though it is called motor neuron disease, this phrase is a little misleading, as ALS belongs to a larger group of Motor Neuron Diseases.) In France, ALS is known as Maladie de Charcot. In the United States, ALS is called Lou Gehrig's disease after the baseball player who retired in 1939 after being diagnosed. Gehrig died in 1941, but used his fame as a celebrity to educate and raise awareness in the general public about ALS.



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