Medication Used In Lou Gehrig's Disease

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Is Rilutek the only medication used in ALS?

Medication Used In Lou Gehrig's Disease

Since the skeletal muscles are responsible for so many areas of the body, problems within the muscles will produce a long list of symptoms. Medication for ALS symptom relief is varied as well. Many doctors will try to find one drug such as Amitriptyline, which treats an assortment of symptoms. The drugs used to treat symptoms associated with ALS include:

Baclofen (Lioresal) – Spasticity and muscle cramps

NSAIDS/Ibuprofen – Pain

Lorazepam (Ativan) – Severe fasciculations and anxiety

Amitriptyline – Sedation at night, pain relief, depression, and drooling

Oxybutynin – Urinary urgency

Omeprazole – Acid reflux

Prochlorperazine – Nausea

Diphenhydramine – Nasal congestion



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